New SMSF Audit

– Signed Trust Deed

– Signed Auditor Report

Signed Trustee Declaration

– Investment Strategy Document

– Pension Commencement Document

– Corporate Trustee Document (if applicable)

Annual Audit Documents

– Signed Financial Statements (including Investment Summary & Member Statements)

– Signed Income Tax Return

– Signed Engagement Letter

– Signed Trustee Representation Letter

– Signed Trustee Annual Meeting Minute/Resolution

– Current list of Trustees or list of Directors for Trustee Companies

– All Bank Statements & Bank Rec (if any outstanding cheques)

– Trial Balance/General Ledger/Debtor and Creditor Reports

– Documents to support market value of assets as at 30/06 (managed fund holding statement, share registry confirming share holding, property valuation, property title)

– Documents to support asset purchases and sales (contract notes or trading transaction summary statements)

– Documents to support income and expenditure (Dividend Statements, Distribution Annual Tax Statements, Annual Rental Summary, Lease Agreements, Expense Invoices)

– Documents to support contribution (if any)

– Documents to support Rollover In (Rollover Statements)

– Documents to support Pension Payments/Benefit Payments (ETP, ATO Payment Summaries, Actuarial Certificates as applicable)